Tips For Studying In Malaysia

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Be a smart traveller - Before you depart, check for the latest information on studying in Malaysia.
  Register yourself at your own embassy upon arrival in Malaysia.
  Check your passport validity - Make sure that your passport is valid for the entire time you are in Malaysia. Carry extra photograph just in case your passport is lost or stolen and you need to replace it while in a foreign country.***
  Organize your money – Organize a variety of ways to access your money overseas. Credit cards, travellers’ cheques, cash cards and debit cards are used widely in Malaysia. Money changers are also easily available. However, do check with your bank to make sure that your ATM card works overseas. Also check with your bank about the process or cost of transferring money between accounts in your country and Malaysia.
  Make copies – It is a good idea to make 2 or more copies of all important documents – passport, visas, tickets, credit card numbers, insurance policy, academic certificates, etc. before heading off. Leave one copy at home and take the others with you on your travel. However it is advisable to keep the copies separate from the originals.
  Insurance – Take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover hospital treatment, medical evacuation, and any activities, like adventure sports, in which you plan to participate. In any case, the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia requires all international students to have insurance for the duration of their studies in Malaysia. (All Malaysian Higher Education Institutions are required to facilitate the provision of insurance for students at the university with rates payable by the students).
  Medical Consultation - Consult your doctor about recommended vaccinations and the necessary health precautions to take. It is also useful to obtain information about your medication (if any) as certain medicines are not allowed in some countries.
  Know the Laws - When you are in Malaysia, local laws apply to you. These include penalties for drug related offences, including possession of even small amounts of any type of hallucegenic drugs. Penalties are severe in Malaysia where drug offenders are subject to a mandatory death penalty.
  Find out more about your HEI – When you have received approval for admittance and will be enrolling into a HEI, do some research to keep yourself informed and know what to expect by finding out as much as you can about the HEI.
  Useful numbers to know – Prepare a list of useful numbers to know (with one or two numbers which are available after office hours) so that you will have a contact person upon arrival in Malaysia. The numbers may include a person at the HEI, your embassy in Malaysia, or someone you actually know from your country.
“Trafficking of Illegal Drugs carries the mandatory death penalty in Malaysia”

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  Disclaimer: This guidance is for students interested in studying abroad in particular country. It is only a guide for which information is taken from various relevant websites. It aims to answer some common questions. Visitors are recommended to contact the office for most updated information.