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Submit all your documents for approval.

Email us the following documents:
  • 1. All Academic documents (10th /”O” Level, 12th /”A” Level, IB, Diploma, Degree etc.)
  • 2. All Experience documents
  • 3. Passport All Pages(All printed and Stamped Pages)
  • 4. Birth Certificate
  • 5. English Tests(e.g. IELTS,TOEFL etc if applicable)
Careers N’ Options will assist you with your application process and keep you posted on your Application Status and Co-Ordinate with the University.
You receive Acceptance Letter from the University once your application is accepted.
VAL Applications
Once you have received the Offer letter, VAL or Visa Approval letter will be applied for you. It will take roughly 4-6 weeks for the approval of the VAL or Visa Approval Letter. Careers N’ options will keep you updating about your VAL status.
Entry Visa

All the Indian students require an entry Visa to be stamped on the passport for Arriving into Malaysia. Careers N’ Options will assist you in getting the entry visa stamping.


If you are visiting Malaysia kindly refer to the below tables for the visa requirements for entry into Malaysia
Take note that visas will not be required for the following:

•  US citizens visiting Malaysia for social, business or academic purposes.
•  For citizens of ASEAN countries except Myanmar for stay durations of less than 1 month. Visas will be required for stay durations above 1 month,
   except for citizens of Brunei and Singapore.
 List of countries which require visas:
  Afghanistan (Visa With Reference) Congo Republic Mali
  Angola Cote D’ivoire Myanmar (normal passport)
  Bhutan Djibouti Nepal
  Burkina Faso Equat. Guinea Niger
  Burundi Eritrea Rwanda
  Central African Republic Ethiopia Serbia & Montenegro
  China Guinea-Bissau Taiwan
  Colombia Hong Kong (C/I or D/I) United Nations (Laissez Passer)
  Comoros India Western Sahara
  Congo Democratic Republic Liberia  
 List of Commonwealth countries which require visas :
  • Bangladesh   • Mozambique • Pakistan
  • Cameroon • Nigeria • Sri Lanka
  • Ghana    
Note: Visas will not be required for all Commonwealth countries except for the countries above
 List of countries which do not require visa for stay duration of 14 days and below
  • Iran (15 days) • Palestine • Somalia
  • Iraq • Sierra Leone • South Yemen
  • Libya • Somali • Syria
  • Macao (Travel Permit / Portugal CI)
 List of countries which do not require visa for stay duration of 1 month and below
  • Armenia • Guinea Republic • Paraguay
  • Azerbaijan • Haiti • Portugal
  • Barbados • Honduras • Russia
  • Belarus • Hong Kong SAR • Sao Tome & Principe
  • Benin • Kazakhstan • Senegal
  • Bolivia • Latvia • Slovenia
  • Bulgaria • Lithuania • Sudan
  • Cambodia • Macao SAR • Surinam
  • Cape Verde • Macedonia • Tajikistan
  • Chad • Madagascar • Togo
  • Chile • Maldova • Ukraine
  • Costa Rica • Mauritania • Upper Volta
  • Equador • Mexico • Uzbekistan
  • El Savador • Monaco • Vatican City
  • Estonia • Mongalia • Vanezuela
  • Gabon • Nicaragua • Zaire
  • Georgia • North Korea • Zimbabwe
  • Greece • North Yemen
  • Guatemala • Panama
 List of countries which do not require visa for stay duration of 3 months and below
  • Albania  • Hungary • Poland
  • Algeria • Iceland • Qatar
  • Argentina • Ireland • Romania
  • Australia • Italy • San Marino
  • Austria (Vienna) • Japan • Saudi Arabia
  • Bahrain • Jordan • Slovakia
  • Belgium • Kirgystan • South Korea
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina • Kuwait  • Spain
  • Brazil • Kyrgyz Republic • Sweden
  • Croatia • Lebanon • Switzerland
  • Cuba • Lienchestien • Tunisia
  • Czech Republic • Luxembourg • Turkey
  • Denmark • Morocco • Turkmenistan
  • Egypt • Netherlands • United Arab Emirates
  • Finland • Norway • United Kingdom
  • France • Oman • Uruguay
  • Germany  • Peru • Yemen
Welcome to Malaysia
Careers N’ Options will assist the students with the arrival formalities and Accommodation assistance. Upon arrival at Malaysian airport, representatives from the respective institution will be there to receive you at the immigration check-points.
Student Pass Stickers

After finishing all the formalities with the University, the respective institution will submit your passport to the Immigration Department to affix the STUDENT PASS STICKER.

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