UCSI University

Founded in 1986, UCSI University is the flagship institution of the UCSI Group conglomerate. With campuses in Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu and Sarawak, the University comprises seven faculties, a Centre for Pre-U Studies, De Institute of Creative Arts and Design, and an Institute of Music, with more than 85 programmes in disciplines like medicine, pharmacy, architecture, engineering, computer science, liberal arts and music. Its student body encompasses thousands of students from more than 80 different countries and the University stands out as a melting pot of diversity. As one of Malaysia's first private universities, UCSI University has long impacted the national higher education landscape and the University continues to do so with its wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The Praxis® University

With UCSI University’s Praxis® approach, learners enjoy avenues to apply what they learn on a daily basis. This is achieved at Praxis® centres – in-house business entities under the UCSI Group – where learners get unparalleled exposure to the working world.

With a boutique hotel, a personnel-training firm, a child development centre, a poll and research centre, as well as a skin science and anti-aging firm, among others, the University is able to provide learners with the platform to reconcile their ideals with fundamental industrial practices and the underlying assumptions that make them work.


To be an intellectually resilient praxis® university renowned for its leadership in academic pursuits and engagement with the industry and the community.


  • To promote transformative education that empowers students from all walks of life to be successful individuals with integrity, professionalism and a desire to contribute to society
  • To optimise relationships between industry and academia through the provision of education and unparalleled workplace exposure via praxis centres
  • To spearhead innovation in teaching and learning excellence through unique delivery systems
  • To foster a sustainable culture of research, value innovation and practice, in partnership with industries and society
  • To operate ethically at the highest standards of efficiency, while instilling values of diversity and inclusiveness, to sustain the vision for future generations

Academic Strengths

There are 396 members of academic staff (staff to student ratio of 1:22) with the following qualifications:

  • 68 doctorate degree holders
  • 19 doctorate degree candidates
  • 235 master’s degree holders

While attaining a university degree opens doors to career opportunities around the world, a degree alone is not a guarantee to secure one's dream job. In today’s competitive world, qualification alone is not enough for one to land or sustain a meritorious career and it was for this reason that the University goes to great lengths to ensure its students balance academic mastery with industrial application, and gain the skills that give them that added edge.


Programme Outline

Currently, UCSI University has more than 85 programmes that have been approved or accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) offered across its three campuses in Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu and Sarawak. These programmes encompass a wide range of fields – from medicine, applied sciences, engineering, social sciences, hospitality and tourism, business, and information technology, to name a few. Each programme is led by a team of dedicated academic staff, many of whom have extensive experience working overseas and some play advisory roles in public bodies and various committees. Many academics maintain close ties with industry practitioners and other leading universities.

Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at the University are also developed with Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) principles in mind, making them unique and its graduates highly employable.


BOS is a study of 150 strategic moves spanning 100 years and 30 industries, which provide a systematic approach in making competition irrelevant and creating uncontested market space. One of only five such centres in the world, the UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre – under the UCSI Group – is the official regional representative of the Blue Ocean Strategy businesses for 10 countries.

As a premier university, UCSI University provides students with the option to complete their studies at UCSI or transfer to global partner universities in the Russell Group, Universitas 21 and The Group of Eight. With over 200 fields to choose from, the flexible IDP programme allows students to not only study in two countries for a fraction of the cost but also obtain a foreign degree.

At the University, the International University Collaboration Centre assists students in all aspects of their IDP experience. Services rendered by IUCC include personalised counselling, university selection, course selection, university application, monitoring of progress and follow-up, accommodation arrangement as well as special pre-departure services, which include visa applications, air ticket arrangements and briefings. Students are also able to attend international education fairs and guest lectures, interact directly with university representatives, and have on-the-spot interviews.

Building on its domestic standing as a preferred and trusted education provider, the University is also expanding its sphere of influence. Tie-ups with foreign universities, research institutes and leading multinational companies are constantly established, enhancing opportunities for students and staff in the areas of research and development, mobility programmes and career opportunities, among others.

Notably, external work placements are also provided by the University through its Co-Operative Education & Career Services Department. With more than 1,000 global corporate partners, UCSI University has the largest industrial placement programme in Malaysia.

Academic Facilities & Resources


UCSI University's campuses are purpose-built to provide students with all the facilities they need for learning and recreation. Apart from being fully wireless, the University also adopts the latest cutting-edge technology in e-learning and e-resources, and is also home to a number of specialised laboratories that cater specifically to student needs and curriculum. The University also houses a large number of recreational facilities such as restaurants, squash courts, badminton courts, a football field, a gymnasium, volleyball courts, basketball courts, a futsal court and a swimming pool.

Student Support Services & Student Development Activities

The University is always abuzz with student-led or faculty-run events, which aim to expose students to extra-curricular activities outside the classroom. Transcending classroom borders, the events provide the ideal platform for students to gain practical experience and develop their leadership skills and character.

Students can participate and socialise with their peers through a host of clubs and student associations at the University. Currently, there are more than 50 student clubs and associations – from sports clubs, cultural societies, self-defense groups, religious fellowships, international student associations and recreational clubs.

Outline of Scholarships & Financial Aid

Scholarships and bursaries are awarded to deserving students – irrespective of race, religion and creed – to pursue higher education at UCSI University.

Scholarships are offered to students at the Foundation, A-Levels, and undergraduate levels.

All scholarship and bursary applications and enquiries can be made by writing to: scholarship@ucsiuniversitytrust.com or visiting: http://www.ucsiuniversitytrust.com/index.asp

UCSI University Trust Scholarships Awards

  • UCSI University Trust
  • Tan Sri Ahmad Razali Merit Scholarship Award
  • UCSI University Trust Sport Bursary
  • UCSI University Trust Scholarship
  • UCSI University Trust A-Level Scholarship
  • UCSI University Trust Education Grant

Recognition & Achievements

UCSI University is ISO-certified and won a Special Award for Quality Management from the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in 2008 – a testament to its strong track record of educational excellence. In 2009, the University also won the Brand Laureate SMEs Chapter Award for the Best Brand in Tertiary Education.

The University has a dedicated department – namely, Quality Assurance and Enhancement – that ensures all of its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are approved and accredited by the Malaysian government. The University also conducts regular internal audits to ensure all services rendered by the University to its students are of the highest quality.

Apart from facing regular checks by the government, UCSI University also maintains close ties with industry advisory boards to ensure that its programmes are relevant and up-to-date. All of its professional programmes – in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, architecture, engineering and applied sciences, to name a few – meet or exceed industry standards through regular meetings and audits by the boards. All faculties work hand in hand with industrial partners by exchanging valuable knowledge and technology on a regular basis.

Other Awards:

World Sense of Place Awards
University Precinct of the Year (2013)

Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Export Excellence Award - Education Services (2008)
Special Award for Quality Management (2007)
Special Awards for Quality (2006)

Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC)
MSC-Status Company (Since 1999)

Small & Medium Industries Development Corporation (SMIDEC)
Enterprise 50 Award (1999 & 2000)

Malaysia Canada Business Council (MCBC)
Company of the Year (2008)
Company of the Year (2003)
Good Corporate Citizen Award (2002)
Entrepreneur of the Year (2002)

Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia
Human Resources Minister Award (2003)

Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)
Export Excellence Award for Services (2004)

Institute of Public Relations Malaysia (IPRM)
IPRM Crystal Award

Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, UK
Top of the Class Commendation

International Organisation For Standardization (ISO)
ISO 9001:2000 Certification

Spain International Best Image in Industry & Commerce
International Best Image Award

GTI Specialist Publishers
Top Customers (Local University College)
Most Page Views Course Profile (www.ucsiuniversity.edu.my)

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