Malaysia's International University Sets The Trend in Innovative Creative Education

Established in 1991, the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology has since risen to become an innovative force in global creative education, one that is triggering a change in the way the young are educated and, in the process, producing world-class graduates with the ability to face both academic and industry challenges.

With 12 campuses spread over eight countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, the university's teaching formula that merges the best of the East and West is winning new converts worldwide.

Creativity is Innovation-driven, Innovation is Education-driven

Here at Limkokwing, the emphasis is on creative education and unlike other universities students are encouraged to take part in various competitions, events, fashion shows, performing arts, sports, and music and fund-raising campaigns to bring out the best in them.

The experience, knowledge and skills they have gained gives them the confidence to become achievers in their chosen fields of study.

Industry-savvy Graduates

Limkokwing University is well-known for its revolutionary concept of INDUSITY - a word coined from joining the words industry and university – that allows students to work on projects with well-known industry partners such as Hewlett Packard, L'OReal, Maxis, TV3, and Lewre among others to obtain real hand-on industry experience.

Also in place are business units ranging from hair design (Headlines), fitness centre (Fitofly), printing (Wings Art & Print Shop) to F&B (Makanlah!) where student get solid industry experience to broaden their mindsets and transit into high income careers when they graduate later on.

World in One Campus

Limkokwing is one university that provides a global exposure, one that enables students to gain a wider knowledge of how the real world interacts.

The Cyberjaya campus is home to more than 9,000 students of which at least 70% are international from 140 countries.

It is a new kind of learning experience where the multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment encourages a cross pollination of ideas, thoughts and friendship to flourish in an universal understanding that is good for the students when they graduate as the next generation of world leaders and captains of industry. On a global scale, Limkokwing University has a student population of more than 30,000 from over 160 countries worldwide.

It is the only local university to have taken Malaysian education throughout the world and, in the coming years, Limkokwing is all set to establish campuses in Swaziland, New York, Mauritius and the Maldives.

Unique Global Experience

Limkokwing has innovated education with the Global Experience, which allows the student enrolled, for example, in Kuala Lumpur to travel to London to do a month or one semester to broaden their scope, knowledge and mindset. The Global Experience re-invents education enabling the globally-focused graduate keen to tackle the challenges of a globalised marketplace en route to completing your degree.

Here you will interact and study with students from around the world in a multi-cultural exposure, one that will mould you into the most international, most confident and most accomplished graduate.

Global Hit

Recently, the university's official website registered an unsurpassable 300 million hits from over 220 countries and territories including those from Belarus, Moldova, Guinea-Bissau, Cayaman Islands and Martinique to Liechtenstein and British Indian Ocean among others.

The website was developed by the World Wide Web Domination (W3D) team comprising university alumni all below 30 years of age.

To date, it has won over 20 international awards and honours for excellence in creativity, functionality, and accessibility.


Ecosystem of Learning

Limkokwing students are encouraged to develop their talents in the hope of triggering their interest and passion in relevant fields of study so they can excel in the new world. Here the ecosystem is a virtual 'classroom' for students where they :

  • Learn through projects and interactions with industry
  • Build skills in the use of the latest computer software
  • Develop confidence as they build their talent
  • Become proficient in speaking and presenting in English
  • Get the choice of studying abroad at our campuses that include Beijing and London
  • Have option to graduate with two awards from Limkokwing University and Anglia Ruskin University or University of Gloucestershire
  • Intermingle with students from 130 countries
  • Develop creative thinking skills to become innovative in their approach

Globally Recognised for Innovation

Over the years Limkokwing University has won numerous awards from all over the world for its leadership role in promoting innovation in education.

  • University of the Future – QS Apple of UK that benchmarks global rankings of universities in 2009
  • University of Innovation – ASIC of UK in 2009
  • Worldwide Leadership in Innovative Education – Oxford Centre for Leadership, UK
  • Global Leadership in Innovation and Creativity – 1st Middle East Business Leaders Summit, Dubai
  • Peak of Success – Texas, USA
  • International Gold Star Award – Paris 2006
  • Century International Quality Era Platinum Award – Geneva 2007
  • International Quality Crown Award – London 2007
  • International Arch of Europe Diamond Award – Frankfurt 2008
  • Visionary Leadership in Innovative Education Award – New York 2008
  • Putra Brand Award for Education – Malaysia 2010
  • Leadership in Innovation and Creativity – Malaysian Business Leadership Malaysia 2010

University Partners

Limkokwing University has an extensive network of 282 university partners from 100 countries. The university's degrees and diplomas are today delivered in over 30 countries worldwide.

Truly Local, Truly Global

Essentially what Limkokwing University has achieved is building global respect for Malaysian education.

The university with its accent on creativity and innovation is setting trends in the industry with its blend of holistic education and industry-driven skills that is already attracting the young people from all over the world to its global campuses.

And in the process, Limkokwing is drawing recognition for Malaysia as the hub for quality and innovative education.

There is a reason why young people from the world over prefer to come to Limkokwing University. They come to discover their talent and skills and move on into sought after high income careers anywhere in the world.

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