Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) AN AWARD-WINNING UNIVERSITY

Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation (UCTI) is the university of the 21st century. It is the ideal place to discover where technology and innovation come together and play a significant role in our everyday business and globally. Together with the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT), UCTI continually wins awards for excellence in education, research and development, and the achievements of our students.

By offering a range of programmes in a multitude of areas, we understand technology as the practical application of science to solve problems, to make our lives better, easier and more enjoyable. Together with the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT), UCTI offers internationally benchmarked undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in various areas such as Computing, Engineering, Information Technology, Media, Technopreneurship, Tourism & Services Management, Business and Computer Games Development. We nurture and encourage innovation through our programmes of study, with the intention of producing individuals who will learn, adapt and think in new and better ways. More importantly, we produce highly employable graduates who have skills to build exciting and rewarding careers.

UCTI’s programmes are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, and are designed according to specifications set by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).


Above all, achieving and maintaining internationally benchmarked quality standards has always been a key priority for both APIIT & UTCI. APIIT was the first private institution of its kind in Malaysia to achieve ISO 9000 certification, which was obtained in 1994, and its Quality Management System has been the model for systems developed by a number of other institutions. In 2004, APIIT also became the first and only institution in the region to achieve SEICMMI (Capability Maturity Model-Integrated) Level 3 certification for the development of its technology solutions and innovation, and is now moving towards Level 5 certification.

All our programmes are internationally quality assured through strategic partnerships with university partners. This involves continuous review of teaching, learning and assessments so as to ensure comparable student experience and academic standards. This system of quality assurance is considered to be among the most comprehensive external QA systems practised in Malaysia.


Staffordshire University has over 17,000 students that make up a dynamic and vibrant community at their campuses in the United Kingdom. Over 5,000 students study Staffordshire University programmes overseas in China, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Greece, Spain and France.

Some facts about Staffordshire University are:

  • Rated as the best new university by computing employers - Staffordshire University has a better rating than Oxford University
  • A leader among English universities ahead of Oxford and Cambridge Universities in providing one of the best learning experiences for students in England (based on the analysis of QAA Institutional Audit 2005)
  • Ranked in the top 3 in England based on an analysis by the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)
  • Audit on Good Practice & Recommendations
  • Second longest established computing faculty in the world
  • Recognised for eight areas of ‘good practice’, placing the university among the very best performers in the whole of the UK’s higher education sector
  • Offers some of the most innovative courses in the technology sector including broadcast media, computer games design, football technology and even animal biology

All of UCTI and APIIT’s programmes are quality assured by Staffordshire University, who also awards the degrees. Our relationship with Staffordshire University is among the strongest and most successful foreign collaborations in Malaysia, and is particularly notable in our strong shared mission of producing highly employable graduates.



Our research and development output has worldwide potential and is being adopted by several countries around the world. We are among the first private institutions of higher learning in Malaysia to receive R&D grants, and have received accolades and awards for several of our R&D innovations. Some of the innovative projects undertaken and completed successfully include:


  • ScreenShield – Content-based pornography detection.
  • iShield – Internet-based pornography detection
  • FileShield – File based pornography detection using thumb drives
  • iSMART – Scheduling & resource allocation and optimization engine
  • SIROX – Automatic signature recognition & verification technologies
  • Realistic Talking Head Models – Speech synthesis and realistic 3D modeling technology
  • Speech-Tutor – Interactive training aid for the hearing impaired
  • Bahasa Malaysia Interactive Learning Software – Text-to-speech synthesizer for the Malay language
  • Interactive Sign Language Generator – Teaching of basic sign language in Malay
  • C.A.R.P.E.T – Accurate license plate extraction & recognition technology

Some of the above innovations are already in varying stages of commercialisation, and have been successfully taken into the international marketplace.


UCTI currently offers the following master’s courses as an International Outreach from Staffordshire University, UK (SU):

  • MSc Computing
  • MSc E-Commerce
  • MSc in Mobile Computing Systems
  • MSc Information Technology Management
  • MSc Software Engineering
  • MSc Technology Management
  • Master of Business Administration (IT Sector)

The credit framework is that of SU in which 180 credits are required for the award of a master’s, within this a postgraduate certificate can be awarded on successful completion of 60 credits and a postgraduate diploma after a further 60 credits. Each credit requires 10 learning hours.

The following table identifies the number of direct contact hours students have with staff for the master’s awards while studying in the UK. Learning hours under this scheme are a combination of lectures and practical sessions, normally 2 hours of lectures and 2 hours of practical/tutorial sessions over a 14 week period. This results in 51 hours of direct contact per module.

Level Credits per module Learning hours Number of modules per level Direct contact hours per module Total hours per level
PG Cert 15 credits 150 4 (=60 credits) 51 204
PG Diploma 15 credits 150 4 (=60 credits) 51 204
Research Module 15 credits 150 1 (=15 credits) 51 51
Total number of hours excluding final project 459
Project/Dissertation 45 credits 450 1 (=45 credits)    

TOTAL MODULES: 8 coursework modules + 1 research module + 1 major project/dissertation (10 modules = 180 credits) leading to the award of Master of Science (M.Sc) by Staffordshire University, UK.

There are three awards available; postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, and Master of Science (MSc). You are eligible for the postgraduate certificate when you have passed your first stage, consisting of a preliminary course (only for E-Commerce, Computing and MBA) and four modules in the first study period. You are eligible for the postgraduate diploma when you have passed four further modules in the second study period. The MSc is subsequently awarded once the Research Methods and Proposal module and the final master’s dissertation have been passed.

The SU master’s degree programmes at UCTI provide you with the opportunity to progress from a degree or equivalent qualification in the areas of computing, information technology, multimedia, software engineering, mobile computing, business, economics and law.

Master’s degrees at Staffordshire University are designed to provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate the following outcomes:

  • a systematic understanding of knowledge, and a critical awareness of current problems and/or new insights, much of which is at, or informed by, the forefront of your academic discipline, field of study, or area of professional practice
  • a comprehensive understanding of techniques applicable to your own research or advanced scholarship
  • originality in the application of knowledge, together with a practical understanding of how established techniques of research and enquiry are used to create and interpret knowledge in the discipline
  • conceptual understanding that enables the student:
    - to evaluate critically current research and advanced scholarship in the discipline; or
    - to evaluate methodologies and develop critiques of them and, where appropriate to propose new hypothesis

General admission requirements

  • A good honours degree in IT or a business-related discipline
  • Equivalent qualifications with several years of relevant industrial experience

Course structure
All courses are available in both full-time and part-time modes.

Full-time Duration: 1+ year (3 semesters @ 14 weeks for each semester, 1 revision week and 1 assessment week)
Takes 18 months to complete with dissertation.
- 8 subject modules
- Research methods and proposal module
- Dissertation module
Part-time Duration: 2 to 5 years
- 8 subject modules
- Research methods and proposal module
- Dissertation module

Industry-based dissertations
Part-time students are encouraged to complete industry-based dissertations that are directly relevant to their work and current organisations. Full-time students should use an area of personal interest.

Training in research methods will be provided to enhance knowledge and understanding of research, data collection and reference methods. Your supervisors will provide additional support in the course of the dissertation.

Accreditation of Prior Certification of Learning (APCL)
If you have certified passes in subjects from related programmes, you may request for exemptions against such modules. However, exemptions will only be granted if the learning outcome and syllabus content are compatible and are at an equivalent level. These exemptions are subject to the final discretion of Staffordshire University.

Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS)
If circumstances do not allow you to continue with the programme, you will be able to leave at any point and claim CATS points for the modules that you have successfully completed.

You may use these CATS points as entry for further study or to gain entry into other programmes offered by Staffordshire University and other universities.

Academic Facilities and Resources

Situated in a high-technology park environment, our campus is well-equipped to enable every student to maximise their learning experience. Facilities and resources include:

  • Technology equipped classrooms - with LCD projectors and PCs
  • Fully-equipped wifi buildings
  • IT & Engineering Labs - the latest technologies and hardware available for projects and assignments
  • Library - print and on-line journals and publications; books; projects
  • Discussion Rooms – specially-designed for your out-of-classroom discussion; assignments and project group meetings
  • Project Presentation Rooms – specially-designed for your project presentations and equipped with PCs and video conferencing equipment
  • Social Space - a relaxing place to enjoy activities such as table tennis, carrom, etc.
  • Cafeteria - a wide choice of food to suit your needs from breakfast to lunch to tea
  • Convenience Shop - for sundry, stationery and light food items
  • Photocopy and Binding Centre - for your photocopying and project binding needs
  • Surau - for our Muslim colleagues

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